AVM MUSICAL VOLUNTEERS: Their outstanding performances have become a tradition in resurrecting patriotic melodies from yester-years.


Back row (L to R) David Mariani,  Dan Nussbaum, CJ Mandela,   Mike Mariani, Paul Mariani,     Front row (L to R) George Ulbrich,   Jeremy Karl,  Justin Patterson

THE MOUNT OLIVE GIRL SCOUTS: For ceremoniously honoring our fallen GWOT fallen heroes each year on Memorial Day. 

THEATER DANCE CENTER: For their tireless efforts in delivering meaningful dance performances that have made  a difference in so many lives. 


THE MOUNT OLIVE HIGH SCHOOL ART HONOR SOCIETY: For re-painting the fallen hero Purple Heart medallions  after a harsh winter.

We thank our dedicated volunteers for their time, talent and efforts.

Pooja Patel, David Mariani, Paul Tritt, Mark Wizner, Chris Kaytus, Steve Conrad,
Rebecca Dermanjian, Jeremy Karl, Eric Wood, Dan Nussbaum

AVM RE-ENACTORS: For giving your time and effort to make the Mount Olive Memorial Day Ceremony memorable.

The All Veterans is proud of their accredited mentoring and Community Service Award program; providing countless middle and high school students’ impactful projects to fulfill mandatory community service hours.  Projects from fundraising, troop supply drives, event clean-up, to even stuffing envelopes; these projects are vital to the AVM’s success and to the community it serves.  We are always looking for volunteers!

HOME DEPOT:  For providing the funding and labor for the 14 bollards of freedom and for revitalizing the complex each year before Memorial Day.

If your child, school, church or organization is looking to fulfill a community service obligation or even seeking to enhance their college entrance application, please consider the many volunteer opportunities available at the All Veterans Memorial.  

We are always seeking volunteers to host fundraisers to fund our educational and outreach efforts, in addition to our ever expanding educational complex.
It is our promise that 100% of any funds earned or received goes to the expressed mission. If you lead, they will follow.  Change someone’s tomorrow…. today.  Email us at info@allveteransmemorial.org  to receive a list of volunteer opportunities. 

"There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer"    Lt.  Col. Jimmy Doolittle

Supporters of Publius Non-Profit, the AVM & Morris County Cares have been serving those who serve(d) in the U.S. Armed Forces  since 2005.